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Jarrow Cross were invited to the Fab Awards, where we received an anti-bullying award due to all of the work we carry out surrounding bullying and how we celebrate difference which is evident though the children's attitudes, our ethos and values that we have as a school. 


We were incredibly proud of Reggie, Lillie and Darron who represented our school amazingly! They worked so hard practising on the run up and performed a drama piece at the awards called: Three Points Of Views. 


Lillie could not have been anymore sassier in her role as the bully, simply amazing! She did a very good job of highlighting the fact that some bullies don't believe they are bullies because they aren't physical- fantastic!


Reggie could not have pulled any more emotive faces if he tried and his re-enactment of the song from Dirty Dancing was spec-tac-u-lar! He played a very good job as the victim! His diary entry showed exactly what harm bullying causes, mentally and emotionally! His editing and spin on the script was great- watch out West End!


Darron stood back amazingly and looked very awkward in his role as the by-stander and his dairy reflection at the end was very eye opening! He really helped show how by-standers might feel and emphasised that people should never feel lucky to not be bullied when there is a bully present in the school! 


Again, as a school we are so proud of them but we are also incredibly proud of all of the children here at Jarrow Cross for their recognition of equality and celebrating differences! 


Although we did not get the performance  recorded on the day, we have recorded it back at school and here it is: