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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Thurston 2013

We arrived safe and sound at Thurston at around 1.15pm and were greeted by glorious sunshine. The children were split into their 3 groups: Langdale, Grizedale and Yewdale, and were given all the equipment they'll need for their stay at Coniston. Already, they've been walking in the woods where they played hide-and-seek and some have even jumped off the jetty in to the lake!
Dinner went down a treat - mince and dumplings with veg followed by chocolate sponge with hot chocolate sauce and ice-cream. There was an alternative of fresh fruit but, funnily enough, no-one chose it!
The 2 schools are getting along great together and have just competed in the Thurston Olympics where Langdale were crowned the winners. The children are now busy learning how to make their beds properly for tomorrow's room inspection then will be going to the barn for a few games of pool and a bit of a boogie.



We woke up this morning to clear, blue skies and glorious sunshine - hooray! After breakfast, all the children were given their daily chores to complete before heading off on a fun-filled day of activities.


Langdale spent their day on site today. They tried their hand at kayaking and managed to paddle all the way to the other side of Coniston Waters before exploring the Thurston site during some orienteering activities.


Grizedale and Yewdale climbed the Old Man of Coniston and have all come back with sunkissed cheeks and heavy eyes so an early night is on the cards!


After a delicious dinner of roast chicken with all the trimmings followed by home-made cookies with ice cream, the children were full of energy again and spent the rest of the night playing 'Aliens' before having a catch-up in the barn.


Alanna Y5 - "The views at the top of the mountain were amazing. It was a really good day but much harder than I expected."
Emily Y5 - "Jumping off the jetty was my favourite activity today. It was so much fun but the
water was absolutely freezing!"
Jake Y6 - "I'm really proud that I managed to climb 803 metres above sea level."


Well yesterday was so fun-packed that we didn't even have a spare 10 minutes to give you an update. We've spent the last two days climbing mountains, zooming up trees in a harness and jumping off cliff edges then abseiling down - it's safe to say we are absolutely exhausted!


As usual, the food has been delicious. We've had spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread and sausages with wedges.  For dessert we've eaten meringue with ice-cream as well as the world's most amazing sticky toffee pudding with custard.


Thoughts have now turned to our journey home tomorrow.  The children are looking forward to seeing their loved ones again but will be very sad to say goodbye to the new friends they've made from St. Mary's RC.    

Picture 1 Hard at work in the classroom
Picture 2 Playing Dizzy Sticks
Picture 3 Katie & Ellie ready for action
Picture 4 Langdale going for gold!
Picture 5 Ready for action on Coniston Waters
Picture 6 Kelsey overcame her fears and jumped off the jetty
Picture 7 Adam enjoying a game of pool
Picture 8 Playing Twister
Picture 9 Fun times in the barn