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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

Well-being week 2019

This years theme is 'Healthy minds + healthy bodies = happy life'.


In worship, we discussed the fact that not always can we have a happy mind but this isn't something that is permanent; providing you seek help and support. We also discussed key coping strategies that could benefit us during the times you may not feel positive. We also encouraged the children to think about the things that makes them happy and to do more of what they love. 


We then discussed the film 'Inside Out' and from this, we come up with an alternative: Outside In. This is because we feel the key message is:

Tell somebody on the OUTSIDE, how you are feeling on the INSIDE. 


From this, we set up a competition to create own own emotion characters that would be suitable for 'Outside In'. Within their designs, the children were asked to provide coping strategies to match with a particular emotion. This is because the winning entries will have their emotions on display (within our nurture room), as an aid to help children to identify their feelings and make choices.