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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

Friday 15th January



Log onto and complete the tests for apostrophes.  Remember to read the question very carefully before you answer. 


To help you if you get stuck

You might want to visit Studyzone and watch the videos on apostrophes. to help you first.

The lesson numbers for the videos on Studyzone are listed below

You do not need to do any work from Studyzone, the videos are for you to watch, depending on what you need help with. 




Revisit the reading of the myth Pandora’s Box. or see the pictures below to re read it for yourself.


You might want to make some notes to help you order the myth and answer the questions


Task 1



Order the events below from Pandora’s Box.



Prometheus was upset that humans were suffering.


Pandora married Epimetheus.


Pandora wants to open the box.


Zeus was attacked every day by a vulture.


Prometheus played a trick on Zeus


Pandora was convinced that the box held treasure.


Zeus breathed life into the clay people


Zeus took the fire away from humans.


No humans lived on earth.


Prometheus gave fire to humans.


Challenge – can you add another event to this list?

When you have finished, write out the sentences in the correct order in your books. I would love to see some lovely joined up handwriting.




Task 2

Answer the comprehension questions in your books


Remember to answer in full sentences and refer to the text where appropriate.


Pandora’s Box

  1. Where do the gods live?
  2. Does this myth remind you of any stories from the Bible? If so, which ones.
  3. Why do you think Prometheus asked Zeus to breathe life into his clay people?
  4. Prometheus says that he likes his fun to be a bit spicier. What did he do to spice up his fun? Explain as fully as you can, referring to text to support your answer.
  5. Who does Pandora marry?
  6. Explain, using the text to support your answer, how Pandora managed to open the box.
  7. How was mankind saved from total despair?


I know some people like to print out the work, so please find copies of the work below.  Thank you.