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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Today, we are going to continuing to convert fractions to decimals.


Remember that we need to find an equivalent fraction that has either 100 or 1000 as the denominator before we can covert the fraction to a decimal.


In todays lesson, we are going to be learning another method for converting a fraction into a decimal. This can be done through short division (we have already looked at short division in school).

Remember the line between the fraction can be used as a division symbol.


For example: 1/5 is the same as 1 divided by 5.





Let’s take a look at another example:





Now let’s have a go!


Miss Pearce and Mrs Watson’s maths group:

Watch the video and complete the worksheet. Remember to pause the video when it tells you to.

Video Link:

The questions are on the worksheet below.


Miss Wilcox and Miss Doran’s maths group:

Have a go at the attached sheet. It is following the examples above – dividing the fraction using short division and the answer will be your decimal.


You don’t need to print the worksheet; you can write your answers in your book.