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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

Friday 8th January


Read the ‘Ancient Greece Resource’ then answer the Ancient Greek Questions provided. Following this you are asked to create a poster on the Ancient Greeks including your 10 favourite facts you have read so far. You might want to do some research of your own to add to the poster. Make it bright, attractive and informative. Think about how you can make the layout attractive for the reader and how best to organise your facts.



Watch the above video of the myth of Philemon and Baucis, Zeus and Hermes to help understand the setting and description of the characters within the myth. You may also get some more ideas for the speech – add to yesterday’s work. Don’t forget to use higher level speech verbs, speech marks and other punctuation. You might also change where you put your speech verbs - they can go at the front of the speech, in the middle of speech or at the end of the speech.



Write down some expanded noun phrases,  which you could use in your myth. An expanded noun phrase is not a sentence. (The more you write now, the easier your myth writing will be)

These are just some ideas that you can then add to your myth and put into sentences. 

Try to cover things that you can see, hear, feel etc.


the rocky and uneven path, surrounded by gnarled trees


old, drab and torn rags, which served as their clothes


the steep thatched roof, which was falling to pieces.

Watch this song to help you understand further what an expanded noun phrase is and how you can add a preposition after the noun.