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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Fruit to Suit (Healthy Eating Tuck Shop) Launch

Fruit to Suit is an exiting, new business project that will be ran by Year 5!  

Fruit to suit is a healthy eating tuck shop that the children take full control of. They will be in charge of organising, running, preparing, advertising, selling, stock-taking, ordering, evaluating and managing the tuck shop. They even have to ring the company itself and communicate with the wider and local community. Children are aiming to raise money by making a profit from this and all profit and funds will be put back into the school to help fund various events and trips. 


Fruit to Suit have various roles within the business such as: Directors, marketing managers, finance managers, stock controllers, purchasers, sales members and market researchers.

Director: Overall Tuck Shop Manager

Marketing: Advertises and markets the Tuck Shop.

Finance: Responsible for Tuck shop finances.

Stock control: Responsible for making sure the stock levels are right.

Purchasing: Places orders with Fruit to Suit and collects and checks the delivered order.

Sales: Using the rota, sell the snacks on a daily basis.

Market research: Designs and delivers questionnaires.


If you'd like to explore and find out more information about 'Fruit to Suit', this is the website: 


Year 5 have taken part in a lengthy discussion about each of the roles that they could take on. They then spent some time preparing for a mini speech about why they would be good for the role of their choice. Miss Elcoate and Miss Morgan then interviewed the class to help them decide which role each person was getting. 


Here are some quotes of the responses from the interviews: 


"I would be strict but not too strict because then nobody would want to work for me."

"P.S. Think about the poor children and staff if they didn't have me to count for them!"

"I'll be the top of the best!"

"I've organised my mams birthday party, writing out invitations and stuff!"

"I have had experience answering the phone as part of my mams job and I felt confident talking to strangers."

"If people weren't doing their jobs properly, I'd have to tell them that they are fired!"

"I could be strict if people were not paying attention!"

"If I found out that certain things weren't selling, I would offer taste testers to try and get people to then buy them."

"If somebody asked for a freebie I would tell them no, no chance!"

"If somebody was off all of the time or not taking the role seriously I would ask somebody to cover their role or I would give the role to somebody else."



The founder of 'Fruit to Suit' came into school and trained up year 5 in their roles so they are ready to launch their very own healthy eating tuck shop. How exciting this is!


Here are some images from the training morning:

On Monday 13th March, Y5 will be taking lead of the whole school worship to launch and discuss our very new project/ snack shack.