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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a great weekend and I’m looking forward to speaking to you and seeing all of your amazing work again this week.


We’re having a break from fractions and decimals this week and are going to do some work on shape and coordinates. We looked at some of this before Christmas but we’ll build on it later in the week when we move onto translations.


I’d like you to start by naming the 2D shapes on the sheet below, then choose 3 of the shapes and write their properties using mathematical language (parallel lines, lines of symmetry, perpendicular lines, etc). You can complete this on the word document or in your exercise book (you don’t need to draw each shape just write the number and then the name of the shape).


Today’s main activity is looking at coordinates in the first quadrant. Watch the White Rose video to remind yourselves about coordinates and then have a go at Monday’s worksheet.


I’ve attached it as a word document and as a PDF just use whichever is easier. Some of the questions ask you to plot the coordinates, however if you haven’t got access to a printed copy or word document you can either draw your own coordinate grid in your exercise book or miss these questions out.


Video link :