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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Monday 11th January


Today, we are going to look at using apostrophes.

We will explore using them for contractions, such as

  • Can't
  • won't
  • couldn't

This is where we put an apostrophe to show that some letter are missing.


We also use apostrophes to show ownership.

  • the girl's book
  • the boy's pen
  • the dog's bone        (This shows there is one dog)
  • the dogs' bone        (This shows that there is more than one dog)


Go through the PowerPoint. Decide which level you are going to complete for each sheet. You only need to complete one sheet from each pack. You can choose from choose from 'Developing, Expected, or Greater Depth. You do not need to do all of the sheets.

Year 5 this is a recap for you, so you may want to challenge yourself with the Greater Depth work sheet.



Fantastic work from everybody last week on practising our skills for our myth writing. We will look at one more skill before we start to write our myth. 

Today, we are going to recap what a fronted adverbial is.

Please watch the video via this link


You can also visit this webpage to help you further, should you need it.


Task 1

Rewatch the video of Baucis, Philemon, Zeus and Hermes. you identify some of the fronted adverbials from the story? Jot them down for you to use in your myth.


Task 2

Now we are ready to begin writing our own myth. We are going to change somethings though.

You can change:-

  • who accompanies, Zeus. Choose one of the gods you researched last week - e.g. Aphrodite
  • the miracle that Zeus performed e.g. have lots of wood for the fire or fix the roof on the house
  • what happened to Baucis and Philemon when their time had come. e.g. they turned into doves and flew off

You are not expected to finish this myth today. We have two days to write and edit our myths, so you have lots of time to make it fabulous.


Remember to include

  • Speech
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Fronted adverbials
  • High level vocabulary 

I look forward to reading all of your lovely myths.