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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Complete 20 minutes on reading plus.


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I really hope you enjoyed chapter 1 of ‘Letters From the Lighthouse’ last week; everyone in school certainly did. Remember at the end of chapter 1 we are unaware of Suki’s whereabouts; she may have been caught in the bomb blast but as yet we can’t be sure.


Imagine you are a police officer who is investigating Suki’s disappearance. You are going to start your investigations by asking the general public for help by creating a missing person’s report for Suki and posters to gather further information.

What information would you need to include to let the general public know that she was missing?


The worksheet attached has a table which will help you to plan out the information you will need to include. You can write the headings in your exercise book or you can type straight onto it.


You should use the information we have read so far to help complete all sections. If you don’t know the information, then you should use your inference skills to help make up this section. 


Now you have created a plan, create a missing person poster for Suki, there’s an example below: