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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Monday 1st February

Hello everyone and welcome back after what I hope has been a relaxing weekend.


This week you will be given lots of opportunities to demonstrate your understanding of multiplication and division. Today I have set you a straightforward arithmetic paper. Remember these papers become more challenging as you go through them but that means you should be picking up all the marks available at the start as these questions aren't too tricky at all.


In class I would be reminding you to show working where possible, consider using an inverse calculation to check your answers when you finish and making sure that you use the most sensible and efficient approach to answering a question.


Y4: Q9 and 10 are tricky (fractions will be our next topic). Here's a clue: if I have 3/5 and add one more fifth, then I have 4/5. The denominator doesn't change. You should be able to have a good try at all the other questions.


Y5: Q20 will be a challenge as we haven't covered this yet but it's actually easy! 0.6 = 60% and 0.06 = 6%. You should get it now! q23 again could be missed out but if you have 0.4 then the 4 represents 'four tenths' or 4/10. Do you know how you could convert this to hundredths?

Q28 is 'DDMN' Divide by the denominator then multiply by the numerator.

Q26 and 29 you should leave out.