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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Monday 1st February

English – Monday 1st February

Good morning!

Today we are going to write our own poems based on ‘Boudicca the Warrior Queen.’

First we need to read the poem again to refresh our memories.

Now we are going to look at the words in the poem which rhyme and brainstorm some of our own.  We will then use these words to write our own version of the poem.


See Mrs Holt’s video


*      Remember, brainstorm your rhyming words first.

*      Start each line of your poem with a capital letter.

*      Punctuate each line.

*      Lines 2 and 4 need to rhyme.


Write 2-3 more verses for the poem.  You can use the opening line:

‘This is a tale of Boudicca’ if you want to.



Choose any 5 of your spelling words for this week and write them into well-structured sentences, extended with a conjunction (because, also, when, if, so, but, while).