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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Monday 1st March

Today we will continue building on our understanding of fractions by revising and exploring equivalent fractions.


Y5: It is really important that you watch the video for today's lessons as it shows you visually how we can compare fractions that have different denominators. Quite quickly there are some tricky questions to get you thinking! Watch the video by following this link: equivalent fractions video.


In the worksheet you need to complete, q1 asks you to shade equivalent fractions. You don't need to do this question but I would certainly advise looking over it so that you can see why the fractions are equal. For question 3, it would be a good idea to sketch the fraction wall on squared paper, or in your book.


Y4: Make sure you watch the video today as we are looking over work that you probably missed at the end of Year 3 so it's important you understand it fully before beginning the worksheet. You can watch the video here: Y4 equivalent fractions video.


In your worksheet there is a lot of shading in to do so I will reduce the number of questions so that you don't have to sketch everything! You don't need to print it out - just use your squared paper to do some simple sketches. Complete questions 2, 3a and b, 4, 6 and 7.