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The final part of planning your newspaper article is to decide on your quote and how this will appear in your writing.

There are two forms of speech that we should try and use in our writing.

Direct Speech – this is when you write down exactly what the person is saying. You will need to use speech marks.

“I don’t want to eat my cabbage,” Peter grumbled to his mother.

Reported Speech – this is when you are repeating what someone has

said. Imagine that you are telling another person what Peter said. You do not need speech marks. Reported speech is written in the past tense.

Peter told his mother he didn’t want to eat his cabbage.

Watch the studyzone video to remind yourself how to punctuate direct speech correctly.

I Can Use Inverted Commas To Punctuate Speech. | Lesson ID 296 |

Now watch the video to practice converting between direct and reported speech.

I Can Change Between Direct And Indirect (or Reported) Speech. | Lesson ID 297 |

Now you’re going to put your skills into action, download today’s interview sheet and begin by deciding who you are going to interview about the bombings (a local resident of Princess Street, a passer by, the local teacher), give your witness a name and age and list the possible questions you can ask (try to use open questions which will need a longer answer).

Now imagine what your witness might say – record their response to your questions as both direct and reported speech – REMEMBER TO PUNCTUATE ACCURATELY!

Try to think of three questions and answers.

You can type onto the sheet and attach it to your email or if you prefer you can complete this in your exercise book.