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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Today we are going to be looking at reflection.

In maths reflection is another form of transformation (you looked at translation last week).

Reflection can be thought of as ‘flipping’ the shape over the line of reflection.

Watch the video on reflections. Pause the video at 7 minutes and 6 seconds when it tells you to have a go at questions 1-4. Then, have a go at the questions.


Video link:


The questions are attached below in a word document. I have also added some additional questions on the same document. You can either write your answers on the word document (in the text boxes provided for your answers) or you can print off the sheet. Also, another option is to use the PDF document and write your answers in your book.


Please use which ever format suits you best.


When answering the questions, if asked to reflect the shape you can do this in the following ways: print the sheet off and complete, draw a grid, write the coordinates of where the reflected shape would be (this option may be hard to visualise) or you can miss out that question if you are completely stuck.


Don’t forget to use Times Tables Rockstars too – it’s really important that we keep practising our times tables!