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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

Monday 22nd February

Please make sure that you complete both elements of reading and writing tasks on this page. 


Reading: Visit Reading Plus and complete two reading activities and one vocabulary task.


Writing: See letter inside of your pack that was delivered before the half term to explain today's task involving the book that was also included: The Wreck of The Zanzibar. 


Before tomorrow's lesson, read up to page 23

Here are the definitions of some words that you might not have heard of before, when reading these pages: 

-schooner: a type of sailing vessel defined by its rig: fore-and-aft rigged on all of 2 or more masts (see image below)

-gig: a light boat rowed with four, six, or eight long oars (see image below)

-oar: a long shaft with a broad blade at one end, used as a lever for rowing or otherwise propelling or steering a boat (see image below)

-harbour: such a body of water having docks or port facilities (see image below)

-mast: a spar or structure rising above the hull and upper portions of a ship or boat to hold sails (see image below)

-coxswain: a person who is in charge of a ship's boat and its crew, under an officer, and who steers it.

-haul: to pull or draw with force

-mizzenmast: the third mast from forward in a vessel having three or more masts (see image below)

-lopsided: leaning to one side

-tea clippers:  a type of mid-19th-century merchant sailing vessel, designed for speed (see image below)

-squall:  any local storm on navigable water that is typically sudden and severe, with strong winds

-whaling: the work or industry of capturing and rendering whales; whale fishing