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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Monday 25th Jan


Today, we are going to look at evaluating two 3D games, which have been produced via Purple Mash.


You have been assigned 2Dos in Purple Mash

Task 1

Log on to Purple Mash and find the first game to assess. It should say, 

2Do: 3D game to assess

Play the game, but DO NOT change any of the game. Answer the following questions about the game in your workbooks.

1. Did it have clear instructions on how to play the game?

2. Did it have a clear theme? i.e. was it all linked?

3. Did you have enough baddies versus items to collect?

4. Was the game too hard/too easy to play?

5. What was the best feature about the game?

6. What was the worst feature about the game?

Task 2

When you have played the game and answered the questions, compare it to the next game, which should say 


2Do: 2nd game to assess

Again, play the game. DO NOT change anything. 

Answer the following question in your workbook

Which game did you prefer and why?


Task 3

Open the last 2DO, which is called 

2Do: Computer Game Planner

Here, you going to start and PLAN a 3D game, which we will then build and complete over the next few weeks.

The theme of your game is going to be The Ancient Greeks. You can use Theseus and the Minotaur or another Ancient Greek myth as the basis of your game. The Computer Game Planner will be edited as we build our game over the next few weeks.