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Monday 25th Jan


Log on to Studyzone and watch the video lesson 245 and 246 about prepositions of place and time.


Year 5 - Complete the Grammatical Terms and Word Classes AND  the Preposition tests. 


Year 4 - Complete the Preposition Tests


If you need further help with prepositions of place and time, please follow this link for a further explanation


Good morning and welcome to another week. This week, we are going to be introduced to another myth. You may have heard of this before. It's called Theseus and the Minotaur.


Task 1 - Read a copy of the myth from the files below. If you can, talk about the myth with someone at home. 


Task 2 - Now watch the video - click here. 


While you are watching the video, look carefully at the pictures, and how they add to your understanding of the myth. Think about why the author, who is also the illustrator, might have decided to use the comic strip with the pictures.  A set of pictures from the book are also available below.

Task 3 - Write a short rationale (make your point, support it with evidence and an explanation) about why you think the author chose to add pictures and use comic strip to retell the myth.  See below for some ideas to help you. (Remember - quality, not quantity)


Remember, it’s what you think. You can use PEE to help explain your rationale.


I think the author used comic strip pictures to help tell the story, so she didn’t have to use as many words. For example, to describe the storm and the intense battle between Theseus and the Minotaur.

It also helps us to see the character of the Minotaur in a different way. In words, he sounds quite scary, as he eats people, but in the pictures, he appears to be waving at us. If you were scary, I don’t think you would be waving at the person reading the book.

Adding in the speech to the pictures in the comic strip, allows the action to be explained clearly.  It also slows the reader down to take in the pictures and help build up the ;picture in your head.

Finally, by using a comic strip, the myth is broken up into smaller parts and makes it easier to follow.