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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone


Today's PE is brought to you from The Stadium of Light. We will be given a link on Thursday around 11am for you to follow, and I will update this page as soon as I get it. The PE will then start at 1.30pm.  I hope you get all of your family to join in.



Here is the link for a Zoom call for your PE

Meeting ID: 874 3040 1685

Password: Exercise 

Please follow the instructions as set out below. Thank you.


If you could log on to Zoom by 1.25pm so we can aim for a 1.30pm start. 


We are asking if everyone can join the call with their videos on just so we can check that the correct people are on the call. When the Foundation tutor has seen you, we understand that due to safeguarding reasons you may need to turn your cameras off for the session, which is fine. 


For this session each child will need some equipment:

- tennis ball or pair of socks or paper

-something to use as a target e.g. hula hoop/ bucket/folded towel

-tennis racket or frying pan or can just use your hand


This is the first time The Stadium of Light has offered this virtual learning and whilst they don't envisage any problems, they ask that you bear with them should any problems arise.


If for some reason you can't access this zoom lesson, then search for your favourite Joe Wicks video on YouTube instead.


Have fun, whatever you do for your PE lesson.