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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Today in P.E, your main task is to complete a HIIT Cardio Workout.

HIIT does mean that it is high intensity. However, it is not about how much you do regarding the length of time that you exercise for, but how intense/ how hard you work.

High intensity is based on the level of your own fitness.

Before you begin, remember to find a safe space to complete your exercise in and if you are finding the exercise hard, do a different exercise as an alternative.



First you will complete a warm-up. Your task for the warm-up is to put on your favourite song and dance like no-one is watching! Make sure you are warming up your muscles to prevent any injury.

See if you can get family members to join in too!

After you have completed your warm-up, you can begin your main task.


Main Task

You will need to follow along with the video in order to complete your workout (click on the video link below). Remember to take a rest when it tells you to. You can also put your favourite music on in the background if it will motivate you to work hard (check with people at home first).



Finally, it is important to complete a cool-down for our muscles after any form of exercise.

To do this, start by slowly marching on the spot.
Then, whilst marching on the spot, raise arms out from the sides of the body to shoulder height. Now slowly circle arms forward 8 –10 times and backward 8 – 10 times.
Stand with feet slightly apart. Move arms and legs up and down as if climbing a ladder to the sky. Climb a ladder for 20 – 30 steps.
March slowly on the spot, keeping knees low and gently swinging the arms for 15 counts. Slowly swing arms by sides.
Slowly take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Repeat three times. Wrap arms around shoulders and give self a big hug and a pat on the back.