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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Any short, written feedback about P.E. would be brilliant so we can pass it forward to The Foundation of Light! 


Stadium of Light Live Lesson with a 1:30pm prompt start 

If possible, could you email through any feedback from the PE sessions so far? Just a sentence would be greatly appreciated because the SoL have requested this if possible.

Step 1: Go onto the Zoom website: Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing - Zoom 

Step 2: Click 'Join meeting'
Step 3: Type in the meeting ID ( see below)
Step 4: Press agree/ok
Step 5: Type in the password (see below)
You will then get a message on the screen which says 'Please wait for the host to let you in'. This means that it has worked but you may need to give them a few minutes to accept you into the lesson.


Meeting ID: 874 3040 1685

Password: Exercise 


For this session each child will need a small space and something to throw/roll e.g. a tennis ball or pair of socks. Children will also need something to use as a target such as toilet rolls, plastic cups, cones etc. 



Alternative P.E. Lesson (you could do this in addition to the above lesson or if there are any technical issues)


Warm up

Watch and join in:


Join in with ‘Just Dance: KUNG FU FIGHTING ’, where you will need to follow a set of sequences. Don't worry if the pace is quick, just go along with it! 
Link:  Kung Fu Fighting - Just Dance Summer Party - Wii Workouts - YouTube 

Cool down

Watch and join in: Cool Down - Activate Kids - YouTube