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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Inheritance and Evolution lesson 3


Today you are going to be learning about animals, plants and their environments. You will investigate different characteristics animals and plants have adapted to suit their needs and to help them survive in their habitat.

To gain an understanding, watch the  videos below to find out about adaptation and what it means

How animals adapt

Animals Adaptation

Plant Adaptation

Examples of Adaptations

Further explanation and quiz 

Independent task:

Read over the information on the pictures attached below about the animals or plants and their adaptations. Choose one fact file and make a poster on a page of your book at home.

Sketch a picture of your chosen plant or animal in the middle of the page and then label some of their adaptations. E.g. The camel has three rows of eyelashes to protect them from the sand.

Optional extension: Invent or create your own animal or plant in an environment of your choice. Identify and explain some key features and how they help the animal or plant to survive in their environment.

Song – An excellent song to help the children remember what adaptation is!