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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

'Stand Up To Bullying' Competition

Gracie is our extremely deserving winner, well done!

UPDATE: The winner has been chosen and it will be announced on Friday 3rd March in celebration worship! 
Well done everybody, the entries were amazing and it was so hard for us to pick. 


Is pink a colour that should be liked by boys or only girls?


Some would suggest it is only a colour that girls should like but cannot give a reason why. This is because there aren't any reasons. Boys can like the colour just as much as girls do!


'Stand Up To Bullying Day'is a day where children can celebrate and feel empowered in their likes/dislikes and who they are as an individual. As well as, standing up to bullies in the correct way: telling a trusted adult.


This day came about because of something that happened in America:

There once was a boy who got bullied in school because he went to school wearing pink. He was so upset by it all, he felt like he couldn’t wear pink because he got judged by it. Some other boys heard about this incident that had happened and thought it was wrong that he was targeted for wearing pink. So they went to a local shop and all bought pink tops to wear to make a stand for bullying!


In school we have set up a competition whereby the children have to design their very own logo that symbolizes 'Stand Up To Bullying'. It can include parts of our school logo or values to make the logo unique to our school. 

The winning logo will then be printed on a pink t-shirt and framed within the reception/office area of the school. The winner will also be given a framed t-shirt with their logo on, as well as, an additional prize. 


Good luck everybody!