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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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This week’s words all appear on the year 5 and 6 statutory spelling list, they are:

communicate   community   committee   harass   occur    occupy

Have a look at the spelling sheets attached, practise the words harass, occur and occupy using the activities on the worksheet. (No need to print, you can do this in your exercise book).


Grammar – modal verbs

These are verbs that indicate likelihood, ability, permission or obligation.

Words like: can/could, may/might, will/would, shall/should and must.

"The Sea Monster should go away"

'Should' is the modal verb here as it indicates the likelihood of the Sea Monster going away.


Watch the modal verb videos on studyzone:

I Understand What Modal Verbs Are. | Lesson ID 221 |

I Can Identify Contracted Modal Verbs. | Lesson ID 222 |

I Can Order Modal Verbs According To Their Likelihood. | Lesson ID 223 |


Play the game to check your understanding of modal verbs.



Yesterday, you should have summarised chapter 1 and planned your comic strip.


Today, I’d like to create your comic strip.


Remember to include all of the main events in chronological order and ensure your writing is punctuated accurately.




20 minutes on reading plus.


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