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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Thursday 25th February

Today we are going to continue building on our understanding of fractions. 


The link between fractions and division is very clear. When you find 1/2 you divide by 2 because you are sharing an amount into two equal parts. This is the same for any unit fraction. 1/6 = ÷ by 6, 1/9 = ÷ by 9 and so on.


When calculating a non-unit fraction, like 2/3, then you need to find one third (using the method above) then multiply your answer by 2 (the numerator).  The following video models this process and demonstrates how important good times tables knowledge is but also being able to use short division accurately - which we covered last term.  Fractions of amounts video.


Both y4 and y5 pupils can complete the following worksheet.