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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone


Looking back at Tuesday’s lesson, we looked at key events which happened in chronological order. We know that during the time period of World War 2, there was significant events which had an impact on the lives of many countries including Britain.


On the word document below, there is a table which states significant events that happened. There is also a section for the impact that this event had.


Your task today is to complete the impact for each significant event that occurred – two have been done for you.


You can either type it into the table on the word document or you can write it down in your book.


There is also a separate word document which gives you some information on certain key events. Read the information and then write what the impact was on Britain of that event happening.


For example:

Event: September 1939 – 1.9.39 Germany invaded Poland. 3.9.39 Britain and France declare war on Germany.

Impact: War in Europe begins. Children in Britain are evacuated.


The website below would be useful to use to help you find information as well as the word document. Read the information and then decide what you think the impact was on Britain. – Dunkirk – The Blitz - VE Day