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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Today is World Book Day.


In English we are going to focus on poetry, more specifically graphic novels.


A story without words can still be just as powerful and detailed. Every illustration is included for a reason and if you look very closely, you gather a huge amount of information from a single image.


We are going to look at ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan.


This is a wordless graphic novel which has 128 pages and is divided into 6 chapters. We are going to focus on Chapter 1.


Click on the link below to watch the first chapter. Pay attention to the images that are shown as this will help you with your task. When you see each image, think about each one carefully. Why has it been used? What could the story be? What does it represent?


On the word document below, I have attached 8 images that are shown in Chapter 1.

Your overall task is to write your own poem based on these images. However, we are going to go through it step by step.


Your first task is to write a noun for each of the images. This can also include abstract nouns (a feeling – for example, love).


Once you have done that, now write a verb next to your noun. It would be a good idea to use different colours so you can easily see the different word classes that you are using.


After that, add an adverb.


Finally, use conjunctions and prepositions to link your ideas into a poem. You can re-order your words so they make sense.


You can either type it up on a word document or you can write it in your exercise book.


I have also included an example using 2 images to show you how you will build up your writing and then join your ideas to create a poem.


Remember you will need to include all images in your poem.


Your poem doesn’t need to rhyme – you can make it rhyme if you want.


Try to use ambitious vocabulary to make your writing more interesting.

Now that you have completed your poem, have a go at completing some of the activities from the World Book Day table in the word document below.


We would love you to send in some pictures of what you have been doing for World Book Day.