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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Thursday 4th February

English - Thursday 4th February


Today we are going to write our newspaper report.  I have attached a good example for you to read.

Remember to use your success criteria as a guide to include the important points in your writing.


Opening line to introduce what’s happened.

Introduction (why, where, what, why, when)

Main part (detailed account of the story)

An eye witness account (what did the eye witness say – use speech punctuation for this).

Closing statement (what has happened?  Has anyone been arrested?) Boudicca fought for her tribe unfortunately lost her life fighting to protect her people.

Picture – with caption.

You can use the attached template or make your own in your books.



Create your own sentences using subordinating conjunctions and subordinating clauses.  See the worksheet below, you can write it in your book if you wish.