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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

Thursday 4th March


Now we have our plans, we are ready to write our news reports of the wrecking of the Zanzibar and how Laura saves the day. You will find newspaper templates for writing in columns below along with a copy of a picture, should you want to print them out. You can write in columns in your workbooks and you can draw your picture. 


  • Read the PowerPoint (PDF) and make sure you read the modelled writing to help you write yours.
  • Refer to your plan 
  • Use paragraphs - headline and byline, lead in , 2 paragraphs for the body of the report and then a tail. All of this information is in the PowerPoint (PDF)
  • Check your basic skills for your capitals for names.
  • Use a wide variety of punctuation.


Today is reading for pleasure. You can finish the book - I have recorded the end of the book if you want to listen to it.


Please see the activities for World Book Day - if you want to get dressed up when you are reading and take a picture, I'd love to see them.