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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Start by downloading the shape starter worksheet below. Read each set of clues and see if you can work out which shape is being described – there are 5 shapes being described (each colour is a different shape).

Today we’re continuing revising coordinates but this time we’ll be looking at all four quadrants. As yesterday, if the question asks you to plot the coordinates, you can either draw your own grid in your exercise book or miss these questions out.


Watch the White Rose video and pause when prompted to do so.

Video link: Aut6.13.2 - Four quadrants on Vimeo


Question 2 asks you to write the coordinates of each vertex.

Vertex is the mathematical term for a point where two lines meet (we might call them corners) so when asked to write the coordinates for each vertex on each shape it is asking you to write the coordinates for each corner.

Complete the question sheet for today.


Now have a go at plotting the coordinates in this game. Can you get 20 correct answers in a row?



If you’re finding coordinates tricky, there are some videos and quick games to practice coordinates at