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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Good morning everyone!


I've added a video today (which you can find by following this link: division) teaching you how to move on from using place value counters, in drawings, to short division. Unfortunately I've cut off my head in it but you can see all of the calculations which is what is important! I've attached a times tables grid that some of you might want to use.


Y4: The video shows you how to complete both processes. Picking up short division quickly will mean that you can move on from using partitioning and multiples which I know can be tricky! The sums we are completing today are straightforward, however they do leave remainders quite quickly so concentrate and do your best.


Complete questions 1, 2, 3i-l and 4. 


Y5: Watch the video which begins by showing you how to link yesterday's work to short division. I'm expecting you to move quickly on to short division as this is the approach you will be expected to know when you go into Y6. Carrying out division reinforces the importance of knowing your times tables so you must keep working hard on these and memorising them.


Complete questions 2, 4 and 5.