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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

Tuesday 12th January


Log onto Reading Plus (Site code is rpjarro) and begin  your reading activities. See the letter which came with your pack for details. You have 5 reading activities and one vocabulary activity to complete. These activities can be spread out over the week.  See if you can move up a level and you'll get a certificate. 



Today you are going to finish your myth. Remember to think about all of our prior learning. Go back and look at your speech and expanded noun phrases you wrote last week.


When you finish your myth, you are going to self assess, edit and improve it. All good writers go back and edit. 


Things to self assess and edit to improve.

  • Have you started a new line when someone starts to speak?
  • Have you used speech marks to show exactly what is said?
  • Have you used interesting and relevant speech verbs? (Remember to mix up where they appear in the sentence)
  • Have you got lots of expanded noun phrases? (Description of nouns)
  • Is your vocabulary the best it can be? (Use an online thesaurus to uplevel any boring adjectives.
  • Have you used fronted adverbials?


I look forward to reading all of your lovely myths.