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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone


English – Tuesday 26th January


Good morning everyone!

Today we are going to imagine we are a Celt, living and working in our village.  Read the attached power point and get into role.

Imagine a typical day in your village. You are going to write a diary for a typical day as a Celt.

Think about:

How has you day been?

Today has been so hard, it’s cold, wet and windy and I’m freezing cold.

What chores do you have to do?  Describe in detail.

I’ve been in the forests collecting berries and nuts, I’m covered in scratches from the sharp thorns.  I’m exhausted already and I haven’t even started preparing the meal yet!

All afternoon has been spent on the farm, it’s freezing cold, dark, windy and the rain has got me soaked through.  What an awful job this is, can you just imagine trying to shear the sheep in this weather?  I can’t feel my fingers they are so cold.

Reflect on your day – How has it been?  What do you hope for tomorrow?

I hope the weather improves tomorrow then maybe I can do some weaving and hang the wool out to dry.

I have attached some writing templates with some further ideas for your diary.  You can use these or you can write in your work books. 


Punctuation Quiz:

See the attached power point – Can you remember how to use different types of punctuation?  Take the quiz – Good luck!