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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Tuesday 23rd February

Today we are going to get started with fractions. It can be a topic that at first can seem daunting but we will take it slowly and make sure that we are revising some of the key concepts before moving onto anything new. 


So today we are going to look back at some basic fraction knowledge and make sure that we are confident with 'unit' and 'non-unit' fractions. It will all become clear when you watch the teaching video. Follow the link here: Introduction to fractions.


The worksheet you are going to complete is for younger pupils but it's important to make sure that we revise this key knowledge. In question 4 you are asked to colour the fraction; I'm not expecting you to print it out, you could just write down how many of the equal parts you would colour. Complete the worksheet then use the attached website to explore the 'intro' and 'game' section where you can investigate and explore fractions in different forms.


Fraction website link