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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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During two of our topic lessons this week, we are going to be focusing on the chronology of key events in WW2.

Below are 5 words. Your first task is to find the definition of each word and record what it is. You will need to know these definitions as these words will be referred to during the lesson.

The words are also on the word document below if you would rather type the definition to each one on the word document or you can write them in your exercise book.

  • Era
  • Duration
  • Decade
  • Century
  • Millennium


Now take a look at some key events below (also on a word document). Your task is to read each one, research the date in which they occurred and put them in chronological order – start with the event that happened first. Please note that I have not put them in the correct order, you need to sort them into which event happened first. Write a sentence next to each one explaining the key event.


Neil Armstrong walks on the moon.
Colombus discovers America.
The great fire of London.
Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.
The Jarrow Crusade.
Robert Scott reaches the South Pole.
Romans invade Britain.
The Titanic sinks.
Queen Victoria takes the throne.


World War 2 lasted for six years and consisted of a number of significant events which had an impact on the lives of many countries including Britain. Using the timeline below, place the key events above on the timeline. Remember to include the start and end date of WW2.



You can either insert text boxes on a word document, write them in order in your book, draw the timeline in your book or print off the sheet. Please use which ever format is best for you!


In our next lesson on Thursday, we will continue to add more significant events to the timeline and take a closer look at the impact that each key event had.