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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone


Spelling activity:

Today’s spelling activity is to complete a spelling pyramid.

To do this, you need to choose one spelling word at a time and write it out in the shape of a pyramid.

For example:



Can you see how it forms the shape of a pyramid when you add only one letter at a time and then the final row will be your word spelt out fully. Make sure that all your words are spelt correctly.

Complete this activity for all of the homophones from yesterday. You can either write them on paper, in your book or you can type them up on a word document.

Here is a reminder of your spellings:

bridal, bridle, proceed, precede, wary, weary, principal and principle.


Today in English, your task is to continue with a character analysis. The way in which inference skills were demonstrated throughout yesterday’s work was very impressive. Well done and keep up the high standard.


In this lesson, you will be doing exactly the same as yesterday however today you will be focusing on Cliff and Olive.


Remember to try and add as much detail as you can. I would also suggest only doing one character at a time. Focus on the retrieval skills of what we already know and then go back through and see what you can infer.


Write at least 6 points (inference and retrieval) for each character. There is a lot of information in the text that will help you.


If you want, you can write your inference and retrieval skills in different colours so you can see the difference.


Below is a copy of the word document / pdf for you to use depending on which way you want to set your work out. On the word document below, I have included two text boxes with the characters names inside. You can either type on the word document, creating a list or spider diagram with your information, or you can print off the sheet and write on it. Alternatively, you can write your work in your exercise book.

Here is also a copy of Chapter 1 and 2 of the text that we have read so far.