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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Check how the TTR battle is going!  Are you nearly ready for a certificate in Reading Plus?


Welcome to Day 3 of our Topic work


At 2pm we are going to join a Zoom call with Zeus himself! Details to log on to the Zoom call will be sent via text. Please ensure that you have read the guidelines on live lessons which is available on the website and will have been delivered with your new home learning pack.  Please ensure that you camera is on and that your microphone is switched off. Thank you. 


Please make sure that you logged on by 1.55pm so that we can start at 2pm sharp. Thank you.


Step 1: Go onto the Zoom website: 

Step 2: Click 'Join meeting'
Step 3: Type in the meeting ID (which will be sent via text)
Step 4: Press agree/ok - you may have to wait a few seconds for the next box to show and ask you for the password. Do not click on anything.
Step 5:  You should then get a dialogue box asking for the passcode. Type in the password (which will be sent via text) 
You will then get a message on the screen which says 'Please wait for the host to let you in'. This means that it has worked but you may need to give them a few minutes to accept you into the lesson.

Task 1

Today, we are going to apply for the job of Zeus. Zeus is retiring and we need a new king of the gods. 

Read the PowerPoint for the full job description details. 


Remember to use all of the skills we have been learning about and using.

  • expanded noun phrases
  • fronted adverbials
  • prepositions
  • Don't forget the capital letters and full stops too! 

Task 2

You have a choice of activities for this task. 

Choice 1

Make some play dough with easy ingredients and construct some Greek vase art.


See the PowerPoint for recipe and details.


Choice 2

Make some simple Greek food.

Check out some of the easier recipes to make some authentic Greek food. You will need an adult to help you make these dishes. Or maybe, you and your adult can make something a bit more complicated? The choice is yours. You could have a traditional Greek meal and dress up as Ancient Greeks while you eat it, or just try some stuffed olives and Greek yoghurt from the supermarket. 


Click here for a website with easy Greek recipes. You can also find a PDF with some other recipes below.