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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Wednesday 24th February

Today in Maths I want you to continue practising identifying fractions before calculating fractions of an amount.

Both Y4 and Y5 are completing the same activity. Your first task is on the document below where you need to identify the fraction of a shape that is green. I'd also like you to identify the fraction which is not green.


For instance, in question 1d, there are 8 equal parts. 5 are green so 5/8 are green. This means 3/8 will not be green. It is very simple but it reinforces the idea of the denominator being the total number of equal parts.

In this second part of today's work, I want you to calculate a fraction of an amount. You will find a useful video on the following link bbc fraction of an amount under method 3. Also the top of the page shows clearly how we complete this task. To find 1/4, divide by 4. To find 1/7, divide by 7. Whatever the denominator is, this is what you divide by as this is the number of equal parts that you are dividing  an amount into. 


Complete questions 1a - i, 2 and 3.