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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Today in maths, we are going to be focusing on how to find the area of a composite shape.


A composite shape is a shape that is made from other shapes such as two rectangles could make an L shape.


To calculate the area of a composite shape you must divide the shape into rectangles, triangles, or other shapes you can find the area of, find the area of each shape and then you add the areas back together.

You may have to calculate missing lengths before finding the area of some of the shapes.


For example:

On the shape below, you would split the shape up into a square and a rectangle. Find the area of the square, find the area of the rectangle, and then add both the areas together to get the area of the full composite shape.

4cm x 5cm = 20cm2 (area of rectangle)

5cm x 2cm = 10cm2 (area of square)

20cm2 + 10cm2 = 30cm2

Now it’s your turn. The questions are on the word document below. You can either type your answers in the answer box provided or you can write your answers in your exercise book.


Remember if asked to draw a shape, you do not need to draw them to scale. All shapes and lengths that have been given to you are not drawn to scale. Use the numbers provided to calculate your answers.