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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

Wednesday 3rd February

Starter: Find/make as many words as you can make from the word 'MINOTAUR' .

Did you find: An insect (ANT)? A part of your body? Water from the sky? An animal? Something you breathe? Something that travels on tracks? The opposite of 'off'? The opposite of 'out'? Your Uncle's wife? What a squirrel eats? Go left or right? A flavour of gum? Something you sit on? Drawing or painting? A boy grown up?

You can download the worksheet for this starter, if you wish to type your answers up (see sheet at the bottom of the page, underneath the English lesson)


Main lesson: To write the beginning and build-up to my myth.


First, get your plans of your myth (from yesterday), in front of you to refresh your memory of the main ingredients/events, that are in your myth. 


Secondly, look through the lesson PowerPoint slides/PDF version (if you are using a tablet or phone).


Finally, complete tasks set within the lesson slides, using the word banks to help your child with their writing.