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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Wednesday 3rd February

English – Wednesday 3rd February


Today we are going to plan our own newspaper report.

Look at the success criteria document attached.  Use this to help you include all of the main features of a newspaper. 


You are a Celt living in your village.  Early one morning, before you wake, terror strikes your village.  The Romans have come to attack your village.  As the Romans rampage, you fear for your life and the life of your friends and family. 

The village/homes are set on fire, everything is destroyed.  Many of the tribe are captured, beaten and tortured by the Roman soldiers.

(Explore the scene using your senses- hear, see, smell, taste and touch).

Now you will plan your newspaper story.  You can use the planning template if you wish below.

So, you need:


Opening line to introduce what’s happened.

Introduction (why, where, what, why, when)

Main part – detailed account of the story

An eye witness account (what did the eye witness say – use speech punctuation for this).

Closing statement (what has happened?  Has anyone been arrested?) Boudicca fought for her tribe unfortunately lost her life fighting to protect her people.



Complete an assignment on Reading Plus.