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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone


Complete 20 minutes on reading plus.


Username: FirstnameFirst initial

Password: qwerty

Site code: rpjarro


It’s time to complete our newspaper articles. Yesterday, you wrote the main body of your article now we need to add the re orientation.


The re orientation concludes the article

  • it ends the retelling of events and brings us up to date.
  • Because it is telling us what is happening NOW it will move from the past to the present tense.


Distraught residents are being comforted by neighbours; many have lost not just family members but also their homes in the atrocious destruction. A young boy died this morning from his injuries suffered in the heartless Nazi attack.


Once you have finished writing, read back over your work:

  • Check it makes sense and is punctuated accurately
  • Check spellings
  • Look over your vocabulary choices, can you improve any?
  • Revisit the success criteria and make any necessary changes.


If you want to, you can type your article up and add in some pictures to finish it off (you could do this on paper and draw pictures too if you like).