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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Today we are going to be finding fractions of amounts.

We have already done some of this in our maths meetings in school!




To find ½ we divide by 2  

To find 1/3 we divide by 3

To find ¼ we divide by 4


In other words we divide by the denominator!


If we want to find 2/3 of a number we divide by 3 then multiply the answer by 2

e.g      2/3  of 36        36 ÷ 3 = 12 (1/3)     12 x 2 = 24      so 2/3 of 36 = 24

In other words DDMN – divide by the denominator multiply by the numerator


Miss Wilcox and Miss Doran's maths group, download and have a go at the questions on your worksheet below.


Mrs Watson and Miss Pearce's maths group, follow along and stop the video and complete today’s worksheet when asked to.

Video link: Aut6.12.3 - Fractions of an amount on Vimeo


You don’t need to print of the worksheets, you can record your answers in your book.


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