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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

Well-being week 2020

Find Your Brave! 

A worship was held where we talked about 'bravery' and what it meant because often, people mistake bravery for only being the heroic/life saving events when actually, bravery can come in many forms e.g. attending school when suffering with anxiety.


Within our classes, each year group had activities to carry out linking with 'bravery': 


EYFS/Y1 watched two read aloud stories; discussed the theme of bravery; and then created their own bravery characters/super heroes. One child designed a character who had a super power of helping people ride their bike for the first time!


Y2 watched two read aloud stories; discussed the theme of bravery; created their own bravery characters; and wrote a repetitive poem based on what bravery looks like.


Y3 watched a video showing the top ten bravest Disney characters/moments and then had a discussion based on those acts of bravery. After lots of fantastic discussions, the children then awarded a certificate to the Disney character they felt was most brave. 
They then discussed their own individual acts of bravery and presented each other with bravery certificates. 


Y4/5 watched a clip based on Joseph Wang, a young boy who is Chinese and moved to England, joining a school where he initially spoke little to no English. He is a motivational speaker and an who talks about his journey. After many great discussions, the children then wrote all of the things Joseph Wang might say if they are doubting themselves or facing fears/anxiety.
Afterwards, the children looked at a range of poems that focused on bravery. They were given time to create their own and what lovely poems they come up with!


Y6 watched a heart rendering clip of Alex Brooker being brave (part of SU2C), swimming the in the channel, having a disability. After lots of in depth discussions, the children then wrote a little write up talking about how Alex Brooker had inspired them.