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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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World Book Day Activities

Today is World Book Day

Chose your activity  -  you can do one or do them all! It's up to you.


Choice 1 - Performance Poetry

Watch Gangsta Granny/Miss Elcoate, the real OG perform a rap about the story she stars in: CLICK HERE
Can you create a poem or a rap about your favourite book or character? 


Some poems have some words that we could do some actions to, but it's not just actions we can do, we can use our voice to perform too. 

Watch the video for some tips on how to use our voice to perform.


Now we need a poem to perform.

  • You can write your own poem to perform - see the examples  on the link below for ideas and to get started.
  • or you can choose your own poem to perform from a book you may have a home
  • or you can choose a poem from this link. 
  • or you can write a rap. Click here for some ideas. 
  • You could perform The Raven - see below

Whichever idea you choose. You need to perform it with your voice and maybe some actions.

Please record the performance and send in with your other work. You can send large files as Google Links

Choice 2 - The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe


Read the PowerPoint (PDF) and follow the instructions. A copy of The Raven is also below. There's a fun version of The Raven to watch with The Simpson's in the PowerPoint. 

The choice of activities for this poem are

Choose one of the following writing tasks to complete. 

1. Write a modernised version of one of the poem’s verses – are you able to maintain the rhyming pattern?
2.Imagine that you ARE the Raven. Write a poem, explaining why you came to visit him.
3.Rewrite a positive version of the Raven – you’ll probably want to change the bird! How will you change the tone and atmosphere in the poem?
Choice 3 - Pick activities from this list
Choice 4 - Investigate jobs within the book industry