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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Year 2 Adventure Day at South Marine Park

Year 2 have been to South Marine park today to carry out an orienteering task. They worked in groups and they had to explore the sights of Marine Park to find a range of clues and natural resources to help them build a hedgehog house.


After our orienteering task we then had to create a parachute using two plastic bags, three sticks, an egg and natural resources. They were not given instructions on how to make them so they had to be creative. After they created them we had a competition of which groups parachute could go the furthest but without smashing or cracking the egg!


To finish off the day we had a good run around in the park and ate some ice cream (most of it around their faces hehe).


What a lovely day we’ve had!