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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
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Year 2: Meerkat Mail- Sunny Visits England!

As part of our topic: Africa, in literacy we've been looking at a range of stories, our latest being: Meerkat Mail. We've read the story and have written postcards portraying to be Sunny (main character) from the story; discussing how his feelings have changed and that he now believes in the motto: Stay Safe, Stay Together.

​Year two have recently received a letter from Sunny himself, stating that he's going to visit England (around our neck of the woods)- exciting times ahead!


​This page will be updated with more information for you, as a family: to share discussions about what year two have been learning about in literacy at school.


​Well, Sunny has written to us again, stating that he has visited England and he had a very good time, despite the weather being extremely cold. He had a rollercoaster of an adventure here in England: some fantastic times and some not so great times!
​Along with his letter, Sunny had also attached lots of photographs that he'd taken whilst in England.



Year two, enjoy sharing the photographs and talking about the mischievous meerkat's adventure and your wonderful writing that has been generated from this, with your family. I'm sure they will be just as excited as we were to see what he got up to! Well done Year two.