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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Year 2 'The Hunter'

This half term, we have been  reading 'The Hunter' which is a book about a young girl who imagines being hunter, she gets lost in the bush and comes across a baby elephant whose mum had just been killed by hunters. By the end of the story she helps the elephant find a herd and realises she no longer wants to be a hunter.  

Since reading this, Year 2 are extremely against hunters and are very passionate in regards to this topic. They have been looking at very powerful images surrounding hunting and poachers (age appropriate) and from this, have designed informative posters to support the fight against hunting and poachers. Year Two have also created their own (alternative narrative) version of 'The Hunter' and what a fantastic job they have done! 

Miss Elcoate got in touch with a variety of animal rights charities (WWF, BornFree, World Animal Protection and Big Life Foundation) and sent off  all of Year 2's work. The charities were so impressed with the passion that has been shown within their pieces of work and have sent letters of response to us! Some of the charities have even decided to put photographs of their work onto their websites and Facebook pages because they were so impressed with them and their ability to send out a powerful message based on hunting in their writing. 


Well done again, Year 2!