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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

Year 3

Easter Holiday Activities 2021

We would love to see photos of your child doing some of the fun Easter holiday activities. Please send any photos to the distance learning email.

Year 3 – Home learning:

Hunter gatherer diary writing.  Read the information about a hunter gatherer.  Imagine this is you.  Can you write a diary entry for one day, explaining in detail all of the things you have had to do to survive that day. - Superhero Profile

Write a profile, a description of your superhero.  You can draw what he/she looks like.  What do they wear?  What do they do?  What are their special powers?  Who might need this superhero?  What does your superhero eat to keep their special powers? - Superhero Newspaper - Superhero saves the day.

Ask someone at home if you can get a newspaper to look at.  Write a story for a newspaper about how your superhero has saved someone from a dangerous situation.  When did it happen?  Where did it happen? Who was saved by your superhero? Was there someone who witnessed the rescue – what did the witness say? - English - Grammar – Early Birds – Consonant or vowel - a or an.  Sort the sentences into those that start with a or an (vowel or consonant). - English - Grammar – Early Birds – Alien Time - Time conjunctions.  Choose the best time conjunction to complete each sentence. –English– Grammar – Early Birds -  Word Families.  Look at how prefixes and suffixes change the meanings of words. – Maths Flex- Place Value Block 1 – Complete unit 1 practising your place value skills you have learnt this term, focusing on three digit numbers. - Hit the Button – 3 and 5 x table. Purple Mash- times tables. Reinforce learning of your 3 and 5 times table by having a go at the Purple Mash quiz.  Purple Mash – Telling the time.  Choose the O’clock and Half past options.