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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Year 5 Guided Reading- Who Shot Simon Cowell?

Over the past few weeks, as part of guided reading, year five have been investigating 'Who Shot Simon Cowell?' which is part of a family TV programme: The Saturday Night Takeaway Show.

They've been watching, exploring, discussing, inferring, analysing and evaluating various episodes, suspect profiles, tweets, newspaper articles.
They then have accumulated all of the information they've found, compared their initial predictions to their latest ones and summarised who they believe shot Simon, the criminals motive, weapon and background. Once they gained enough evidence using the media and text cues from all of their work, in groups, they planned to write either a newspaper bulletin, newspaper article, poster, storyboard; based on events leading up to, after and during the time of the shooting.


Mrs Elcoate and Mrs Watson are very impressed with the amount of effort they've put into it, as well as, how much they have achieved and enjoyed doing so! Both teachers agree that year five have the potential to become detectives when they are older!